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PostSubject: BreezeClan Camp   BreezeClan Camp EmptyThu Aug 28, 2014 9:35 pm

BreezeClan's camp is situated in a well protected, grassy dip in the moorlands. While in their Camp, the BreezeClan cats are well protected from the wind and can always see the stars. The entrance is marked by a heather tunnel going down the somewhat steep hill leading in. Inside, there is a large stone (Skyrock) where the leader does announcements. The leaders den is behind it. The rest of the dens, most made of heather, are cozy but still have enough room for quite a few cats. The medicine den is an abandoned badger set underground which keeps patients and herbs protected from the elements above. The nursery and elder dens are the farthest in camp, keeping the oldest and youngest members safe. The warrior den is the largest heather den and situated near the entrance, putting the warriors in the first line if there was to be an attack. The fresh kill pile is located in the middle of Camp, at an equal distance from each den.

Fresh Kill Pile: 9 rabbits and 5 mice

(Now for the first camp post.)

'Deja vu...' Leafstar thought as she perched on top of Skyrock, surveying the empty camp below. 'I really hope this is the last time I survey an empty Clan camp...' Her tail swished slightly at the thought. After another moment of looking around, the small black and white leader climbed down from her perch. "I should probably go hunting..." She said out loud, padding towards the entrance.
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BreezeClan Camp
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