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 Sandheart, where has my life gone?

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PostSubject: Sandheart, where has my life gone?   Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:29 am

Name: Sandheart

Age: 21 Moons
Gender: Female
Fur color: Buff, a light orange colored fur.
Markings: Stripes and marbled markings.
Eye Color: Greenish yellow.
Fur Style(long, silky..etc): Long and silky
Body Style(slim, sturdy..etc): Short, stocky but slender. 
Personality: She's sweet on her own terms but can be quite mean when she doesn't want to be bothered. She's very reserved and doesn't typically open up to others unless she feels she can trust them. 
Likes: Hunting and being by herself.
Dislikes: Those who mess with her when she doesn't want to be.
Fears: Losing another home and another mate.
Dreams: Finding someone who can understand her.
Talents: Hunting and fighting though she doesn't like to fight.
History: (Sandheart grew up with a young male who was born just a week before she herself was. They grew up with one another and eventually became mates when they were old enough. They had an excellent relationship and when Sandheart became pregnant the two were very happy. Not long after finding out she was pregnant, Stonepelt was killed by a monster when he was pushed onto the thunderpath by an ex-clan member who was jealous of Sandheart and Stonepelts relationship. Sandheart grew very depressed after losing her mate which eventually caused her to lose her young kits. This then put Sandheart into an even deeper depression. She left her old clan and became a loner for a few moons before deciding she could no longer live a life the way she was before. She is now looking for a clan to join in order to start up a new life. 
Clan: Moonclan
Wanted Rank: Warrior
Friends: Depends but no one right now.
Family: Sandpelt (Mom), Rippletail (Dad)
Hobbies: Hunting
Mate: Stonepelt(deceased)
Crush: No one for now
Mental Issues?: None
Best Tactic(hunting, herbs..etc): Hunting
Specialty (best at spying, healing, guarding, taking prey down..etc): Stalking
Theme Song: Welcome to my life.. Simple Plan
Other: Nothing
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PostSubject: Re: Sandheart, where has my life gone?   Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:40 pm

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Sandheart, where has my life gone?
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