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Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio) 49597110
Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio) 49569810
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Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio) 47869910
Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio) 47869910
Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio) 47869910
Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio) 47869910
 Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio) 47869910 
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 Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio)

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PostSubject: Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio)   Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio) EmptyWed Oct 07, 2015 7:55 pm

Name: Cometsky

Age: 31 moons
Gender: Female
Fur color: Silver, black, gray, and white
Markings: Silver, gray, and black splotches and stripes on fur
Eye Color: Light green
Fur Style (long, silky..etc): Medium thickness for every part of her body except her tail. Thicker fur of tail than rest of her body. Likes to keep her fur fluffy/flowy and soft to the touch
Body Style (slim, sturdy..etc): Slim but nimble
Personality: Cometsky is the kind of she-cat that other cats turn to for comfort. She is very gentle, comforting, smart, respectful, strict when need-be, and kind of quiet. Even though she is easy to get along with others, she tends to over-react if a cat disrespects or upsets her in some way. She is very, very sensitive, any cat can easily upset her. She tries to be strong, but her sensitivity as well as her tendency to over-react makes it hard for her to do so.
Likes: Kits, peace, silence, respect, and being able to help clanmates
Dislikes: War, rude cats, being underestimated, and cats making her upset
Fears: Dying without feeling her actions made a difference to her clan
Dreams: Doing such a good job as a medicine cat, that her work will be remembered long after her death
Talents: Knowledge of herbs, being able to comfort a clanmate no matter what is upsetting them, can run very fast, and good sense of smell

History: Cometsky was born originally as a loner. Her mother had abandoned her due to her being weak. When all hope for life seemed lost, she was saved by a warrior of BreezeClan. She was raised as a kit of one of the queens, and the secret of her origin became just a distant memory. After becoming a medicine cat apprentice, she made friends with many clanmates who learned to accept her even though she was born a loner. Not long after a disease hit BreezeClan, her mentor had caught it as well without her knowing about it. Since her mentor was old enough to be an elder, she knew that there was only a matter of time before she took over in her mentor's place. Sure enough, her mentor died because of the disease and she remained in BreezeClan, taking over for her mentor who trained her so well.
Clan: BreezeClan
Wanted Rank: Medicine Cat
Friends: Leafstar
Family: Father: Monty (deceased, used to be a kitty-pet) Mother: Jackie (deceased, used to be a loner) Siblings (not known to her): two brothers (both loners)
Hobbies: Healing clanmates, keeping up with the herb stock, and helping understand messages from StarClan
Mate: Can't have one
Crush: None at the moment
Mental Issues?: None
Best Tactic (hunting, herbs..etc): Herbs
Specialty (best at spying, healing, guarding, taking prey down..etc): Best at being able to identify herbs just by their smell

Theme Song: Never Underestimate A Girl
Other: Might want someone to play her two brothers, doesn't really matter what their names are Smile
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Comet in the sky (Cometsky's bio)
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