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EmberClan's Camp 47869910
EmberClan's Camp 47869910
EmberClan's Camp 47869910
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 EmberClan's Camp

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PostSubject: EmberClan's Camp   EmberClan's Camp EmptySun Aug 17, 2014 9:49 pm

This area is were all of emberclans cats will be. It is located deep in the cool forest and it is an open area surrounded by all kinds of plants. There is a small pond in the camp, right next to the medicine cats den and the fresh kill pile is near the elders den. This camp is big and is protected by many thorn bushes in places around it. The place in which a clan meeting is held is in a tree on low branches. There are two branches one for the leader and one for the deputy. In front of the tree is a really flat land that you can tell many cats have been sitting there awhile. The branches are long and low to the ground, although they do not touch the ground so you must jump a little for apprentices and kits, although older cats may just have to step on it.

Prey: Usually insects, bugs, small birds in the trees, and occasionally squirrels and mice.
Foes: Might sometimes find snakes near the sun rocks and they come to the camp, although usually harmless ones that are killed instantly.
Herbs: There are so many in the camp and by it, but mainly poppy seeds and catnip.
Pond: Shallow about 2 feet near the middle and it is usually clear and flowing with fish and water herbs.
FreshKill Pile: There is a total of 10 kills in the fresh kill pile at the moment and half are birds and the rest is squirrels. -updates daily-
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EmberClan's Camp
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