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The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) 49597110
The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) 49569810
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The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) 47869910
The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) 47869910
The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) 47869910
The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) 47869910
 The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) 47869910 
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 The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB)

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The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) Empty
PostSubject: The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB)   The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB) EmptyTue Feb 24, 2015 12:34 am

The Fate Of Five
StarClan failed the Clans. The lake is no longer a safe place to live, monsters roar everywhere, digging up the earth just as they were in the old forest, and twoleg nests are popping up all over the Clan territories. Firestar, Blackstar, Tallstar, Leopardstar, and Leafstar all come together in a dream to tell the medicine cats that they wish for there to be five Clans again. SkyClan has moved from their home at Leafstar's willing, to a new place where all five Clans can live together as they once did long ago. Firestar takes on the task of explaining to the Clans' medicine cats everything about SkyClan and how they were driven from their home in the forest when twolegs took over their territory. The medicine cats urge their leaders to meet at an early Gathering and share this news with their Clanmates, collaborating their story to better ensure that their Clanmates believe them about the fifth Clan.

The Clans travel back into the mountains, only they travel deeper and deeper into them, past what even the Tribe cats have knowledge of. The journey is hard and some cats are lost, but eventually they come to a beautiful valley hidden away deep within the mountains. SkyClan is already there and their leader greets the other Clans openly, showing the Clans around the large spread of the valley. SkyClan has already explored its depths. Soon, boundaries and territories had been marked out and the Clans begin their new life, the four a little uneasy about SkyClan and also having lost a little faith in StarClan for lying to them all this time and abandoning the fifth Clan. However, this passed over a generation's time and the Clans are now in their second generation of cats to be living in the mountain valley. There are five Clans once more and StarClan is pleased with the Clans' new home, where no twolegs make their nest and no monsters roar by on thunderpaths.

In sight of so many changes in the Clans, StarClan sent each medicine cat another message. Every Clan should be renamed, for they truly were new Clans, living in a new territory and with new cats, the first in so very long to live as five Clans. ThunderClan lived in the forest, full of so many different trees, they were renamed TreeClan. WindClan, for their speed, was renamed LightningClan. Because SkyClan lived among the fallen rocks and boulders from one of the mountains, it was renamed StoneClan. ShadowClan, because they lived among the dark pine woods where light could barely claw its way through the branches, was called NightClan. And because the Clans were going back to their old ways with five Clans, StarClan wished to signify this by renaming RiverClan to RainClan, for the river came from the rain just as the four originally came from the five.

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The Fate of Five [Warriors] (LB)
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