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Snowtail's bio 47869910
Snowtail's bio 47869910
Snowtail's bio 47869910
 Snowtail's bio 47869910 
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 Snowtail's bio

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PostSubject: Snowtail's bio   Snowtail's bio EmptySat Aug 30, 2014 1:43 pm

Name: Snowtail

Age: 18 moons
Gender: Female/She-cat
Fur color: white
Markings: silver paws
Eye Color: one blue and one green
Fur Style(long, silky..etc): short and soft
Body Style(slim, sturdy..etc): slim
Personality: brave, loyal, easily swayed, hyper, naïve, sweet, caring, hopeful
Likes: being with her friends and family, peace, climbing trees
Dislikes: saying goodbye, war
Fears: being alone, watching her loved ones suffer, and dying
Dreams: having a family
Talents: running, climbing trees

History: Snowtail was a kittypet named Snow when she was a kit. Her mother Honey was a golden she-cat with white markings and her father Duke was pure black. Luke and Shadow, her brothers, were both black with yellow markings.  Snowtail was raised by Twolegs until she was twelve moons old. Then one day when she went to her Twoleg’s nest no one opened the door for her when she pawed at it. She tried until the sun went down but her owners never came. She left and went to the forest, deciding she would find a new home, but she was worried that no one would take her if her Twolegs hadn’t wanted her. A few sunrises after she went into the forest she met a gray tom named Smoke who told her about the wild cats that lived in the forest. Snowtail liked the thought of living with other cats instead of No-furs. She also thought maybe Smoke liked her, if he was helping her learn how to do everything she needed to do, like hunt. Then finally, while they were walking through the forest smoke asked her if she would be his mate and Snowtail agreed.
Clan: BreezeClan
Wanted Rank: Warrior
Friends: Smoke, Flare, Twilight
Family: Mother: Honey, Father: Duke, Brothers: Luke and Shadow
Hobbies: washing her fur, wandering
Mate: Smoke
Crush: Smoke
Mental Issues?: Separation anxiety
Best Tactic(hunting, herbs..etc): hunting
Specialty (best at spying, healing, guarding, taking prey down..etc): guarding

Theme Song:  Blonde by Bridget Mendler
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PostSubject: Re: Snowtail's bio   Snowtail's bio EmptyThu Sep 04, 2014 8:11 pm

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Snowtail's bio
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