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SkyStar's Bio  47869910
SkyStar's Bio  47869910
SkyStar's Bio  47869910
SkyStar's Bio  47869910
 SkyStar's Bio  47869910 
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 SkyStar's Bio

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PostSubject: SkyStar's Bio    SkyStar's Bio  EmptyFri Aug 15, 2014 3:25 pm

Name: SkyStar
Picture(s): SkyStar's Bio  21173710

Age: 3 1/2 years
Gender: She-Cat
Fur color: Light Grey
Markings: Black Tabby Stripes
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Fur Style: Short, Smooth, And Soft
Body Style: Skystar is slim but can look sturdy at times, and she isn't really small.
Personality: She is bold, smart, loyal, and nice. If she is in a position when she doesn't have to fight someone, she won't unless she has too. She always trays to think before she speaks and she likes strong warriors and will watch over kits.
Likes: Doesn't mind swimming, hunting, teaching, and helping.
Dislikes: She dislikes unloyal warriors and cats that ignore her.
Fears: She isn't scared of many things but rather gets startled, usually with big dogs, badges, and huge owls and bears.
Dreams: Just dreams of creating the best clan.
Talents: She is good at keeping track of things and spying and staying hidden quietly.

History: Sky star was born on the streets of two legs.As she was getting older more two legs wanted her for her beauty, but mainly her eye color. She had been caught a few times, yet she excaped back into the wild to her parents. As she and her parents grew older they told her of wild warrior cat clans in the forest. Since she wanted to go into one her parents began to train her different things, and it wasn't until she was three years old she noticed she was as good as any other warrior and she could lead a clan. So she set off and began emberclan near two other clans.
Clan: Ember Clan
Wanted Rank: Leader
Friends: Anyone but mostly from her clan
Family: Unknown were parents are, siblings are by twolegs
Hobbies: She enjoys helping her clan, swimming, and giving orders.
Mate: No one
Crush: No one..
Mental Issues?: She is usually normal
Best Tactic(hunting, herbs..etc): Fighting
Speciality (best at spying, healing, guarding, taking prey down..etc): Mainly guarding but spying too.

Theme Song: Choosing later--*
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SkyStar's Bio
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