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The Rules of WWC 49597110
The Rules of WWC 49569810
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The Rules of WWC 47869910
The Rules of WWC 47869910
The Rules of WWC 47869910
The Rules of WWC 47869910
 The Rules of WWC 47869910 
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 The Rules of WWC

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The Rules of WWC Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of WWC   The Rules of WWC EmptyTue Jul 29, 2014 12:03 am

|F.o.r.u.m R.u.l.e.s|

1. Please be nice to all the other members. This forum is supposed to be a friendly site and will be a friendly site. If you are caught being disrespectful you will be disciplined by being banned for a period of time 

2. Please, nothing too inappropriate. This is a PG-13 rated site so keep it PG-13.

3. No double posting. It is just annoying and unnecessary. You can only double post in the chat box.

4. Be realistic when RPing. That means no missing every single enemy attack, no speaking like you normally do, and no immediate hits every time you attack an enemy. Even the best warrior misses sometimes. This site is Semi-realistic in the sense of you may have unrealistic pelt colors, markings, and eye colors.

5. No posting Out Of Character in the roleplay forums unless you use parenthesis.

|R.o.l.e.p.l.a.y R.u.l.e.s|

1. Please be realistic with the posts, cats don't know what breakfast is, nor do they know morning or night. If you are unsure if it's realistic, ask.

2. In battle, no power playing, god-modding, or controlling another's character. God-modding is being invincible and unable to get hurt or die. Power playing is dodging everything, and the last one is pretty self explanatory.

3. You must get permission to kill another's character, no exceptions.

4. Allow others a chance to dodge, block, or escape an attack in battle.

|C.h.a.r.a.c.t.e.r R.u.l.e.s|

1. You can have up to eight characters. All may be on one account. Please no more than 8 characters and please keep them all active.

2. You need to roleplay ALL of your characters if you have multiple.

3. Realistic names please. No "Unicorntail", "Dragonbreath", or any other fantasy creature based name, if a Clan cat wouldn't know what it is, don't use it.

4. Please be descriptive while RPing. It gets boring if you aren't being descriptive while RPing. 

5. Limit of two higher ranked characters per user. Just to make things fair and you must be accepted to play both high ranks by the admins as well as the Clan Leader and Deputy if there is one.

|C.h.a.t.b.o.x R.u.l.e.s|

1. Be friendly

2. Once again DO NOT post anything inappropriate in the chatbox.

3. Do not post your personal information in the chatbox either.
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The Rules of WWC
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